Hazards for Timber Floors Perth

Timber Floors Perth Hazard

Hazards for Timber Floors Perth

You have your beautifully installed timber floors from us, check. New Age Timber Floors has sanded and polished the timber floors and they look amazing, check. You have downloaded the “How to Care for Timber Floors” guide and are going to implement it to the letter, check. So what are the other hazards to timber floors in Perth? Here is a light hearted look at what to avoid (where possible). 

Timber Floors Perth Hazard 1: Children         

Timber Floors Perth Hazard

 Although adorable (at times), children are ruthless on timber floors. We have 3 so we know what we are talking about.   Whether it is the studs on footy shoes which are stomped around the house. Or a frozen ride-on toy which the older siblings decide to race around the house, they show no mercy. So if possible, avoid having children in your house with newly sanded and polished timber floors. If, however, you happen to like kids then your next best alternative is to breathe. Perhaps, encourage them to use “ride on” toys outside. The beauty of timber floors is that they can be re-sanded. Wait until the children are old enough and re-sand/ polish the floors. If you are going to have timber floors with children we would not recommend a high gloss floor, as although it creates a beautiful finish, it does show up every scratch and dent.  A lower sheen finish is a little more forgiving in a house full of beautiful cherubs. 

Timber Floors Perth Hazard 2: High Heels

Timber Floors Perth 2Don’t wear them. If this isn’t possible, try and take them off before you walk on the timber floors. The pressure of a 55kg person on a stiletto high heel is the equivalent to an elephant. They will leave little dents all over your timber floors. If practical, a shoes off at the front door policy works well (this could also help with footy boots, as mentioned above). 


Timber Floors Perth Hazard 3: Pets

Perth Timber FloorsAgain, although cute and cuddly, pets are not great for timber floors. The hair they shed is visible on the floors. Now, this is better for asthma/allergy sufferers then being hidden in carpet BUT it will involve more sweeping. Their little claws, also leave little scratch marks. If possible, having them as outside pets will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. If not, regularly clip their claws, discourage games in the house where they may run around and keep their hair regularly groomed/brushed. 

Timber Floors Perth Hazard 4: Moving Furniture 

Timber Floors PerthOnce your timber floors are finished, DO NOT DRAG ANYTHING OVER IT! Lift and place furniture on to the timber floor. Once furniture has been positioned on the timber floors, it should stay there forever ;)! It would also be preferable if everyone slides into dining chairs rather then pull them in and out :). Alternatively, place protective felts on the bottom of all movable furniture (ie. dining room chairs). Change these felts every 12 months. 

Timber Floors Perth Hazard 5 – Sun

Bleaching timber floors Perth Perth is renowned for it’s sunny days. Fabulous as our weather is, it can cause issues for timber floors close to windows and glass doors. Over time our sun will bleach the timber floors causing a colour difference to appear in the floor. One option is to install block out blinds to pull down when the sun is shining straight on to the timber floors. 

This is clearly a bit of fun but it might give you some ideas on what you can do to minimise the damage to your timber floors. In the end, you want to be able to live in your house and on your timber floors. As mentioned above, the good news is timber floors can be re-finished if life does damage them. A life without all of the “hazards” listed above would be pretty boring. By implementing some of the ideas above (ie. putting on some protective felts, not throwing the ball to dogs in the house, encouraging the children to play with “ride-on” toys outside and taking shoes of at the door), you can help to extend the life of your timber floors.