Timber Flooring Perth - Perth Timber Floors Install

New Age Timber Floors will install timber floors for residential or commercial purposes. We service the Perth Metropolitan area and regional areas around Perth.

Mark, the owner of New Age Timber Floors, can give you advice on the advantages of different types of timber. Once the wood floors have been installed and polished, he will also provide advice on how to look after your feature timber floors.

We have had experience laying a wide range of timber floors around Perth, including:


Jarrah Floorboards, Perth

Jarrah timber floorboards (recycled and new)

Features of Jarrah

  • Old School class
  • Reddish hardwood floor
  • Hardwearing
  • eucalypt timber

Tasmania Oak floorboards, Perth

Tasmanian Oak timber floorboards

Features of Tasmanian Oak

  • Combination of three Eucalypts timber
  • Small colour variation
  • Straight grain
  • Lighter cream hardwood floor

Bamboo floorboards, Perth

Bamboo floorboards

Features of Bamboo floorboard

  • May be laid over most floors variation Incl. concrete, vinyl & plywood
  • May be nailed or glued to the floor
  • Easy maintenance
  • Beautiful finish

Marri timber floorboards

Features of Marri

  • light wood with colour from brown – cream.
  • Hardwearing
  • Durable

Blackbutt Floorboards

Features of Blackbutt

  • Fairly even colour
  • Light honey – to even pink highlights
  • Even grain
  • One of least flammable eucalypts

There are a number of different timber installation methods:

Solid Timber Flooring

Parquetry floors, Perth

Parquetry Floors

Parquet blocks can be milled in a variety of sizes. This is a more time consuming installation process as the blocks are usually smaller than normal milled timber floorboards. However, for a unique finish, parquetry floors can certainly provide the wow factor to your home.

Direct stick floors, Perth

Direct Stick Floors

Cost effective however relies heavily on the evenness of the concrete floor. If the concrete floor is uneven this will show when the timber floors are installed so the slab may need to be ground and leveled prior to installation. Moisture barrier is laid and then adhesive applied to the floor. The floorboards are then weighted down or nailed, temporarily to the ensure the floorboards stick to the slab.

Plank on Ply Floors, Perth

Plank on Ply Floors

Plywood is initially installed and the timber floorboards are then installed via the direct stick method or floating. This is particularly useful when the concrete slab is not level, which as mentioned above, will cause the timber floorboards to look uneven.


Engineered Flooring

Is a good alternative to solid timber floors. The pre-engineered flooring
 is placed on an underlay creating a floating floor. There is no need to sand/coat this floor. 


The time it takes to install and finish a timber floor depends on the size of the area and finish required. After a solid timber floor has been laid we need to wait 3-4 days before sanding the floor. During this time you may walk and live on the floor if you need to. For Laminate Flooring once the floor is laid, you can walk on it/live on it instantly. 

If you have any queries in relation to timber floor installation in the Perth Metropolitan area or regional areas around Perth, do not hesitate to:

"Best Floor Sander in Perth" : Julie, Mt Hawthorn

"Takes great care and attention to detail with his floor sanding": John, Perth

Our Work


Stained Black Jarrah Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors was asked to transform this Jarrah floor in South Perth. The owners wanted the Old, Reddish, Jarrah floorboards, stained black. To start, we sanded the floor. This time around the only floors to be sanded and stained were the bedroom and ensuite. The owners want the rest of the floors to be completed at a later date.
The next step was to change the colour of the Jarrah floorboards to black. Mark did this by using a stain, on a test patch, to achieve the desired colour. He then, stained the floorboards and finished the floors with a Matt finish. The transformation is impressive. The owners were extremely happy with the final result.

Knitted Blackbutt Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors installed Blackbutt floorboards for this project in Willetton. The owners had a games room added to the back of the house and were renovating their kitchen. They wanted their timber floors to flow seamlessly throughout their house. Due to the renovations, the new floorboards had to be knitted into the existing floor. To do this, we ripped up and cut some of the exiting floor so we could "knit" the boards together. We then installed the rest of the wood floor.
Finally, we sanded both the existing and new floorboards and coated them with a water based finish. This was to ensure a consistent finish across the floor. The floor looks like one uniform floor from the dining to the new games room. Therefore, the owners were very pleased.