Why use water based coats?

water based coats for wood floors

You have chosen your timber but are unsure what coat to use? You want to know what will give your wood floor the perfect finish? Then this blog may be able to help. We have detailed below the advantages of using a Water Based Coat.

Water based coats are:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non – toxic
  • Non –yellowing
  • Good for asthmatics or those with respiratory issues\
  • Gives a natural appearance
  • Usually makes timber appear lighter

Due to their non-toxic nature, water based coats are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true, with young families and people conscious of chemicals in and around their home. The main water based coat that New Age Timber Floors uses is Bona Traffic. If you would like to read more about this specific product, click here

Water based finishes are great. However, if you want a very high gloss finish or a very matt finish, you will need a solvent-based coat. Be sure to talk to Mark about your finish when you get an obligation free quote.