Timber Floor Sanding

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Timber Floor Sanding

Here we detail what is involved in Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing. For this blog’s purposes we will be detailing the steps of Sanding and Polishing newly installed Timber Floorboards. If you have existing timber floors the only real difference is you won’t need to worry about Step 1 and usually site power is not an issue as you are in an existing house, not a building site.

New Age Timber Floors has over 20 years industry experience in Timber Floor Sanding. So how do we create your perfect finished floor? What steps are involved in Timber Floor Sanding? If we are not installing your timber floor, Steps 1-3 need to be arranged by yourself or the building supervisor. At times Step 4 will be undertaken by other parties as well. Then it is all up to us, to deliver your dream timber floor. 

Steps Before Timber Floor Sanding Occurs:

  1. Wood floors need to be laid 3-4 days before sanding occurs. This ensures that the glue and timber floors settle before the sanding starts.
  2. If on a building site, power needs to be connected. Our floor sanding machines draw too much power and front power poles will burn their motors. We need power to be available in all rooms, along with adequate lighting.
  3. All other trades need to have finished before the timber floor sanding starts. This is to ensure a perfect finish. If other trades are on site, we cannot guarantee the finish of the floor. This is due to the floor’s exposure to sand, grit and chemicals.
  4. Dust protect other rooms, with plastic sheeting over openings or by taping up doorways.

Timber Floor Sanding Process:

  1. One of the first things, New Age Timber Floors will do as part of the timber floor sanding process is punch nails in the floorboards. This is done so they sit below the timber. We then fill the holes and knotholes, as required. However, we do not suggest filling the gaps between floorboards as wood expands and contracts in different temperatures. By filling the gaps between the floorboards, you remove the space for movement and this can result in cupping/peaking.
  2. Next, we sand with a finer grit sandpaper. Edgers sand the corners and tricky parts that the main sander cannot reach.  Floor Sanding Perth
  3. We then apply a sealer which takes about 30minutes to dry and then the first coat of product. This dries overnight.
  4. Once dried, any imperfections or nail holes that were missed will be filled. We then buff back the first coat. Finally, it is vacuumed and a final coat is applied.

The floor is now finished and looks incredible. Give your new floor time. Be patient and wait for the coat to dry. After about 24 hours, you will be able to walk on your new timber floors with socks and admire the latest feature in your home. Furniture can usually be replaced after 4 days.