The benefits of floor sanding in Perth

The benefits of floor sanding in Perth

Having timber floors in your Perth home will transform any room, provided you take care of them. Without regular maintenance your timber flooring can become faded and dull. Direct sunlight on a typical Perth summers day will easily do this over time. However, floor sanding can help restore your timber floors back to their original appearance. So, what are other benefits to sanding and polishing your timber floors?

Allergy sufferers

Along with restoring timber floors, Perth floor sanding and polishing is beneficial for allergy sufferers.

Carpet is the perfect home for dust mites. These pests are one of the worst triggers for Perth people with allergies. You might think a quick option is to ignore your faded timber flooring and to throw a rug over the top, but think again. This is an allergy sufferers worst nightmare. Dust has no where to hide on timber floors. It can be easily removed from timber flooring, by simply vacuumingCertain coats are also better suited to people with allergies. So make sure you talk to us about your options if this is important to you. 

Protection against chlorine

As previously mentioned, direct sunlight is a big factor in the fading of your timber flooring and outdoor timber decking in Perth. Another factor that affects timber decking is it’s proximity to a pool or spa. Floor sanding and polishing plays an essential role in protecting your timber flooring from chlorine and ageing.

Ability to Match Wood Furniture

Are you having matching furniture to your floors? An added benefit of wood flooring is that it can be customised to suit your requirements. Once your floor have been sanded by one of our experienced Perth floor sanders you can choose a stain / polish to match your dining table.

General Restoration

Floor sanding restores your floors to new and can undo damage that has been done to your floor  

Floor sanding and polishing is needed usually every 7-10 years. These are just some of the benefits you get when you choose us to undertake floor sanding of your timber floors. 

If you want to apply the benefits of flooring sanding to your home, call us today on 0406 427 477 to discuss your options or email us