Staining Timber Floors around Perth

Staining Timber Floors Around Perth:

Lately, we have been getting a lot of enquiries about staining timber floorboards. So, why are people staining their timber floors? Does it look good? Can we stain any timber, any colour? What if you want to change the colour later on? This blog is going to look at a couple of these questions.

Jarrah Floorboards stained black

Why Stain Timber Floorboards?

Usually, our clients are looking for that WOW factor that is unique to their home. Timber floorboards are a gorgeous feature for any home. Staining them an unusual colour gives the client something a little different. One of our client’s wanted their house and decor to be exclusively black and white. Staining the floorboards black was an integral part to make this a reality. The results are impressive as the stain completely transforms the floor.

Does it look good?

It comes down to your personal aesthetic. Staining floorboards black, has a very drastic effect. In the right area, with the right decor it will look striking! However, if the house is dark, the black floorboards can close in the space even more so. The grain of the timber is usually still visible through the stain, which should also be taken into account.

Can we stain any timber, any colour?

No. The colour range for staining timber floorboards is from white to shades of brown and black.

You have more stain colour options with lighter coloured wood such as Blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak and American White Oak. The lighter coloured wood can be “lime washed” to the point where the floor almost appears white through to staining the floors, shades of brown or black.

For darker wood such as Jarrah, you are really limited to staining the floor dark brown or black.

What if you want to change the colour later on?

Our floor sander will be able to sand the floor and bring it back to it’s original colour, providing there is enough timber to do so. From there, you can choose to stain the floor again or leave it the natural timber colour.