Recycled Timber or Bamboo Flooring in your Perth home?


Whether you’re renovating your current Perth home or have taken the plunge to build, there comes the point where you need to make the decision of flooring. You’ve narrowed it down but now the question is, do you go with recycled timber or bamboo?

Here’s some helpful facts about both options, from our floor sanding experts at New Age Timber Floors.


Bamboo Flooring:


Environmentally friendly products are important to those who live in Perth, and bamboo grows very quickly where it can generally be harvested every 3 years.  


The average Perth homeowner seeks for a product that is a long-term investment, with minimal upkeep at a marginal cost. Bamboo floorboards are considered easy maintenance and withhold to everyday wear of our Perth seasons. They can be re-sanded numerous times, to refresh their appearance.


Even though Bamboo flooring is wood substitute essentially created from a type of grass, there are certain types available in Perth that is exceptionally dense & durable. Bamboo floorboards can be laid directly over most current flooring e.g. concrete & vinyl.  Bamboo floorboards can be nailed or glued to the floor, either way producing a picturesque finish to your home.



Recycled Timber Flooring:


Jarrah floorboards (recycled) are a popular choice with Perth homeowners, they are rich in colour and are hard wearing. You can assist in preserving our Perth native forests by using recycled timber. Not only that but there are no harsh chemicals in processing recycled timber.  Recycled timber flooring is easy to maintain as well, but is also favorable for those Perth customers who experience allergies and dust related illness.


An added benefit of recycled timber flooring is that due to age it’s notably harder and more stable than newer timbers. 


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Our Work


Stained Black Jarrah Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors was asked to transform this Jarrah floor in South Perth. The owners wanted the Old, Reddish, Jarrah floorboards, stained black. To start, we sanded the floor. This time around the only floors to be sanded and stained were the bedroom and ensuite. The owners want the rest of the floors to be completed at a later date.
The next step was to change the colour of the Jarrah floorboards to black. Mark did this by using a stain, on a test patch, to achieve the desired colour. He then, stained the floorboards and finished the floors with a Matt finish. The transformation is impressive. The owners were extremely happy with the final result.

Knitted Blackbutt Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors installed Blackbutt floorboards for this project in Willetton. The owners had a games room added to the back of the house and were renovating their kitchen. They wanted their timber floors to flow seamlessly throughout their house. Due to the renovations, the new floorboards had to be knitted into the existing floor. To do this, we ripped up and cut some of the exiting floor so we could "knit" the boards together. We then installed the rest of the wood floor.
Finally, we sanded both the existing and new floorboards and coated them with a water based finish. This was to ensure a consistent finish across the floor. The floor looks like one uniform floor from the dining to the new games room. Therefore, the owners were very pleased.