Marri timber floors Perth

We had previously sanded and polished this client’s Marri timber floors in the front section of their house. They decided they loved the Marri look so much they wanted to extend the timber through the rest of their kitchen and living areas. They rang us to organise the installation of the Marri timber floors and the floor sanding and polishing. The first step is to remove all of the existing floor material, in this case tiles. Secondly, we glued plywood down on the concrete. Then we laid the Marri floorboards to line up with the existing floors. Once the Marri was laid and nailed into place we then epoxy-filled all of the feature in the timber. There are some stunning gum veins in the floor, which when they catch the light are just spectacular. After the floor sanding and polishing, with a solvent-based coat, the floor was ready. The results are breath taking and our client’s are extremely happy how the Marri timber has transformed their home.