Polishing Timber Floors Perth

Not polished timber floors Perth

Polishing Timber Floors Perth

As lovers of timber floors we think a freshly sanded, raw timber floor can look amazing. The nude timber with no coating or polishing has a rustic beauty. So why do we coat and polish the timber floors we sand around Perth? Why not leave the raw timber floorboards like this?

Not polished timber floors Perth or this? Floor Sanding Perth

Reasons for Polishing Timber Floors Perth

  1. Although it can give a beautiful, rustic look, raw timber floorboards can be rough underfoot. Polishing timber floors ensures a smooth finish to enable you to walk around in comfort.
  2. Polishing Timber Floors provides a barrier between the floor and the environment. Although some chemical spills will affect the polish, not coating and polishing the timber will mean anything spilt onto the floor can be soaked up by the wood. Red wine stains, which can be removed with a wrung out mop on polished timber floors, will stain raw timber. Polishing Timber Floors Perth
  3. Diversity. Coating and polishing timber floors affords the customer a range of choices on the final look of their floorboards. Do they want a high gloss coat? A stain? Or a natural look? Coating and polishing timber floors around Perth, means each customer can get the perfect look for their house and lifestyle.
  4. Protects against the timber floorboards getting dirty with traffic. Coating and polishing the timber floors, just provides that barrier to ensure your timber floorboards look as good as possible, for as long as possible. 
  5. Moisture barrier – timber floorboards will absorb water which can make them warp and cup. By coating and polishing them, this provides some extra protection against this happening. 

So although raw timber is a beautiful and natural look, it is not practical for day to day use. The coating and polishing process will ensure you get the maximum time from your gorgeous timber floors. It makes cleaning the floors easier, it more comfortable to walk on and protects the timber from staining and other detrimental environmental factors. 

Some coating and polishing products will finish looking more “natural” then others. If you are after the natural timber look, make sure you contact Mark on 0406 427 477 to discuss your timber flooring and coating options.