Ongoing Maintenance Tips For Your Timber Decking


An outdoor timber deck is a beautiful addition to any Perth home; however it does require ongoing maintenance to help retain its natural condition. The hot Perth sun, together with our inconsistent weather, means that your timber decking will take a hammering. This is all the more reason why you should look after you decking properly.


Here are some of our helpful tips for maintenance of your decking in Perth:


  • Keep your Perth decking relatively clean all year round.
  • Clean up debris and spills as soon as you find them.
  • Use a soft fibre broom for sweeping; this will help remove dust, leaves and cobwebs. If this doesn’t work, washing your deck down with water should do the trick.
  • DO NOT use detergents; they could affect the look of your Perth decking.
  • DO NOT use a steam mop because this can create moisture in the timber, causing it to warp.
  • DO NOT use solvents like Acetone, Turps, Nail polish remover etc.
  • Using floor mats at entry points of your decking, helps to remove grit and dirt from shoes.
  • During winter in Perth, try to remove the pools of water after it rains to help avoid water stains.
  • Apply protective padding under furniture to minimise scratches.
  • After you have properly cleaned the decking in your Perth home, you should lightly sand the decking and then reseal it with varnish, oil or stain. If your decking looks to be fading or fine cracks are appearing, this is an obvious sign your perth decking requires recoating.
  • Make sure to tighten any loose boards and replace damaged ones as required in your Perth home.
  • When recoating your deck, don’t just do the areas that you think need it, recoat the whole timber decking area. You will find specific areas of your decking that are exposed to the Perth weather will require recoating sooner and more often than the areas that are covered.


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Our Work


Stained Black Jarrah Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors was asked to transform this Jarrah floor in South Perth. The owners wanted the Old, Reddish, Jarrah floorboards, stained black. To start, we sanded the floor. This time around the only floors to be sanded and stained were the bedroom and ensuite. The owners want the rest of the floors to be completed at a later date.
The next step was to change the colour of the Jarrah floorboards to black. Mark did this by using a stain, on a test patch, to achieve the desired colour. He then, stained the floorboards and finished the floors with a Matt finish. The transformation is impressive. The owners were extremely happy with the final result.

Knitted Blackbutt Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors installed Blackbutt floorboards for this project in Willetton. The owners had a games room added to the back of the house and were renovating their kitchen. They wanted their timber floors to flow seamlessly throughout their house. Due to the renovations, the new floorboards had to be knitted into the existing floor. To do this, we ripped up and cut some of the exiting floor so we could "knit" the boards together. We then installed the rest of the wood floor.
Finally, we sanded both the existing and new floorboards and coated them with a water based finish. This was to ensure a consistent finish across the floor. The floor looks like one uniform floor from the dining to the new games room. Therefore, the owners were very pleased.