Top 5 Tips for Matching Wood Furniture and Flooring


Have you just purchased a new Perth home with timber floorboards? Or maybe you have replaced the old flooring in your current house in Perth with timber flooring. The next question on your mind…. How do i match my furniture with the timber floorboards?


Despite what you might think, the wood finishes in your Perth home don’t always need to match.

If done correctly, you can easily create a striking room using a range of wood tones, colours and styles. Rarely does in Perth anyone buy all their furniture from the same shop, meaning you have a variety of textures and patterns in your furniture and flooring to work with.


Perth home owners, here are our Floor Sanders top 5 tips for mix-matching:


  1. Look for complimentary undertones: Are the woods warm or cool tone. Example; If you were to use all warm tone woods but different textures/colours for the ceiling beams and also the kitchen bench, despite being different they still work together well. This is a good place to start if you are unsure about mixing the wood finishings in your Perth home.


  1. Either match the wood grains or mix-it-up: You need to commit whichever way you decide to go. Don’t use predominantly one type of grain for the room and then have one piece of decor a different grain, this will be extremely obvious.


  1. Simplify it: Keep it to just a few different wood finishes in the room, as it is easier to create a balanced look. If you have a wide variety of different styles and wood finishes in your furniture, split them between rooms in your Perth home so that each room has no more than two or three different wood finishes. This will help create a more balanced look between rooms.


  1. Choose a “star” of the room: Do you have an obvious “standout” piece of furniture? Make sure to use this are the star of the room in your Perth home. Use complimenting softer wood tones around it, allowing this piece of furniture to stand out.


  1. Personality: Introduce your personality into the room, your own sense of style. Remember this is your Perth home, if you think it works then that’s all that matters.


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Our Work


Stained Black Jarrah Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors was asked to transform this Jarrah floor in South Perth. The owners wanted the Old, Reddish, Jarrah floorboards, stained black. To start, we sanded the floor. This time around the only floors to be sanded and stained were the bedroom and ensuite. The owners want the rest of the floors to be completed at a later date.
The next step was to change the colour of the Jarrah floorboards to black. Mark did this by using a stain, on a test patch, to achieve the desired colour. He then, stained the floorboards and finished the floors with a Matt finish. The transformation is impressive. The owners were extremely happy with the final result.

Knitted Blackbutt Floorboards

New Age Timber Floors installed Blackbutt floorboards for this project in Willetton. The owners had a games room added to the back of the house and were renovating their kitchen. They wanted their timber floors to flow seamlessly throughout their house. Due to the renovations, the new floorboards had to be knitted into the existing floor. To do this, we ripped up and cut some of the exiting floor so we could "knit" the boards together. We then installed the rest of the wood floor.
Finally, we sanded both the existing and new floorboards and coated them with a water based finish. This was to ensure a consistent finish across the floor. The floor looks like one uniform floor from the dining to the new games room. Therefore, the owners were very pleased.