June Feature Timber – Tuart timber floors Perth

Tuart Timber Floors Perth

Tuart Timber Floors

Our feature this month is Tuart timber floors. Tuart timber floors are more elusive then other timbers. This is due to Tuart forests being protected. As a result, Tuart timber is not commercially available from State Forests. However, logs from trees that have fallen over on private property, may be used. This means that the supply of Tuart has greatly decreased. New Age Timber Floors has sanded and polished Tuart before. It is a beautiful wood, that has similarities to Blackout timber, however, due to it’s scarcity we don’t see that many floors finished with Tuart timber. So what are the characteristics of this rare timber?

Tuart Timber Floors Characteristics

Western Australia has one of the world’s largest Tuart Forests, the Ludlow forrest near Busselton. This timber is found in the South West, from the coast to the Darling ranges. The grain in the wood is very interlocked and even. It has a janka rating of 11kn, and is considered a very hard timber. It’s scientific name is Eucalyptus gomphocephala. One of the main features of Tuart Timber is the size of the trunk. Due to the trunk being 1/3 to 1/2 of the total height of the tree,  long, straight boards can be milled. The heart wood colour is a pale yellow-brown colour. 

If you are lucky enough to find some Tuart timber in the back of a farmer’s shed or have existing Tuart Timber Floors, don’t hesitate to contact Mark on 0406 427 477. Tuart is a beautiful, hardy timber that will go with the majority of decors. Due to being in business for over 10 years, New Age Timber Floors has been fortunate enough to have sanded and polished Tuart timber. Although, not widely available it is a stunning floorboard choice and one we love working with.