July Feature – Sheoak Timber Floorboards Perth

Sheoak Timber Floorboards Perth

Our feature timber floorboards this month is Sheoak. Found on the South Coast of Western Australia and in a small pocket between Moora and Jurien Bay, this is a rare timber. It is found in the understory of Jarrah Forrests. Due to it’s scarcity it is notoriously hard to source. However, if you are lucky to have some, it is an incredible timber. It is expensive but spectacular. 

Timber Floorboards Perth – Sheoak Timber Characteristics

The colouring of this timber really makes it stand out. With colourings ranging from a golden orange – reddish orange, with even hints of burgundy, it is truly unique. The grain is also unusual, with it’s features sometimes known as tigers eye, because of it’s growth rings and rays. 

Casuarina fraseriana is the botanical name for Sheoak timber. Interestingly, the forest product commission does not have a Janka rating listed for this timber. Other sites have listed 5kn but we are not convinced this is an accurate reflection of the hardness of this timber.  Another unique characteristic is the fact this timber is almost waterproof. Consequently, it is a very stable timber. The timber is quite oily, so not all finishes will suit this timber. It is really important to have a professional, like Mark, finish the floor. 

Overall, this is a fascinating timber with lots of unique features. If you have a gorgeous Sheoak floor or decide it is for you, contact us on 0406 427 477. We offer obligation free quotes and consultations around the Perth Metropolitan and surrounding regional areas. We specialise in Timber Floorboards Perth and look forward to hearing from you today!