Forest Management Perth

Forest Management Perth

According to Parks & Wildlife, in WA we have almost 18 million hectares of forest and woodlands.  Hardwoods are used in many ways, including timber floorboards, decking, furniture and roofing.

Perth floor sanders rely on the continual growth of forests in Western Australia for timber/wood production. “Sustainable forrest management is about finding the balance – protecting our forests for future generations, while also providing many other benefits including the timber and timber products we use every day.” (1)

Why is sustainable forest management important in Perth?

In Perth protecting the environment and consequently, sustainable forest management is important. Wood doesn’t just create a wide range of tangible benefits for humans, like employment and recreational activities. Wood also helps our environment, is the natural habitat for many native species and is integral to Perth’s forest ecosystem. Throughout the life cycle of trees, they absorb carbon dioxide, removing and storing the carbon, while releasing oxygen back into the air. This lowers the amount of greenhouse gases in our air. So our timber/wood is very important for us in Perth.

Where to go to find out more about wood and it’s uses around Perth:

  • The WA wood show being held at Perth’s Claremont Showground’s in August is a popular exhibition for those interested in timber/wood. It is also of interest to floor sanders. Along with a selection of exotic timbers available for purchase on the day, you can learn a great deal from the demos.
  • Wood galleries – Designer-maker Tony Docherty has been supplying leading wood galleries in Perth and WA since the early nineties. He has a keen interest in exploring effective methods for sustainable and efficient use of materials and this is reflected in the wide range of work produced from his workshop. Tony acquires wood through diverse sources in Western Australia: farms, old disused buildings and bridges, and sustainable milling. By outsourcing his supply to recycled timber and wood, this assists with the management and growth of our forests and woodlands.
  • Timber floor showrooms – show a large variety of timber floorboards available for installation. They also source the majority of our floor sanding and polishing products. Floor Sanders and installers frequent these showrooms around Perth.

Management of our forests and woodlands in Perth and WA is extremely important.  Wood is an integral part of our ecosystem but is also crucial for many occupations/recreational activities in Perth.

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