What things can damage my floor?

Homes are for living in, so like anything else your wood floors are going to be subject to wear and tear. However, some things are more detrimental to your floors then others. The top things to look out for (where possible):

  • In a perfect world for perfect wood floors you should not have any pets, kids or high heels and NEVER EVER move any furniture
  • In a not so perfect world: Do not drag anything over your wood floors, always lift and place items on the floors and put protective felts on the bottom of movable furniture (ie. Dining room chairs). Change the felts every 12 months.
  • Where possible try and avoid wearing high heels on your wood floors. The pressure of a 55kg person on a stiletto high heel is the equivalent to an elephant. They will leave little dents all over your timber floors.
  • Do not flood your floors with water when washing them. This can cause the wood floors to swell.
  • Be aware that sunlight can bleach your timber floors.
  • Be careful of chemicals being splashed on to the floor as some can peel the finish.