Blackbutt – May’s feature wood floor

Blackbutt timber floors

Blackbutt Timber Floors:

Blackbutt  is one of the most popular timbers for floorboards in Perth. It is easy to see why. It is a stunning timber which is hardwearing and it’s colour compliments most home decors. We love Blackbutt so much that we installed it in our home. It is such a hardy, reliable timber that it used for structural purposes and outdoor decking, as well as internal floorboards.

Blackbutt timber floors

What are the features of Blackbutt Timber Floors?

  • Fairly even colour
  • Light honey – to even pink highlights
  • Hard timber (9.1kN)
  • Even grain
  • Native, Australian grown timber
  • One of the least flammable eucalypts

Blackbutt is one of 7 approved timbers for bushfire prone areas. It’s name “Blackbutt” originated from the appearance of the tree after a bushfire. The tree’s buttress or “butt” would darken whilst the tree itself would usually survive moderate bushfires, hence the name “Blackbutt”.

Cost of Blackbutt Timber Floors?

To just purchase the Blackbutt Timber Floorboards, the price can range from $74.50/metre square including GST to more than $118/metre square. The price variation is due to the different grades of timber, where the timber is sourced from and the current market supply/demand. Due to these factors, the prices can vary quite significantly.

For the total price of the floorboards, installation and sanding/polishing, contact us on
0406 427 477  for an obligation free quote.

Blackbutt Floors